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These are testimonials that I have gathered from clients I have helped over the years.

Kristi has helped me beyond what words can describe on my grief healing journey over the years. In late 2019, I lost my father unexpectedly, and she helped me connect with my father through her medium gifts to say goodbye and heal. She knew details no one could know. Kristi and I also worked on healing my body and personal energy through her Reiki gifts during this challenging time of my life. M husband and I started seeing her a few times a year for Reiki and spiritual maintenance and will be lifelong clients and friends. Recently, our beloved chihuahua passed away, and Kristi was one of the first people we called to initiate our healing journey. She connected us with our dog, and both my husband and I can rest easy knowing he's always close. We trust her gifts and appreciate her loving and kind demeanor. Thank you, Kristi. You have changed out lives.

Ashlee - Tulsa, OK

Kristi has an amazing gift.
She does so many different
kinds of readings and is so
talented. She has been
reading for me for over 10
years and has guided me
through it all with her
amazing readings! I highly
recommend you book with

Jennifer M. Coffeyville,

I have had several readings
from Kristi over the years.
She amazes me more after
every reading on how spot
on she is. And she's an
amazing person to talk to.

Amy B.

Kristi is the real deal. Easy and fun to talk to, her psychic abilities offer amazing insights that helped and healed me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for inspired guidance.

Amy M.H.

If you have a problem orjust wondering aboutsomething, Give kristi a call.She's been spot on with me& my cousin and we hadtotally different situations II

T. Spencer

Kristy is great .. she listens and understands. Her readings are so in tune ... her reiki is amazing. After a reiki session I am so relaxed Kristy takes all the heavy weight and open's those blocked Chakras.

Lisa H.

Kristi is an amazing reader she is very sweet and kind she has read for me and i walked away with peace of mind the things she had told me healed my heart. I am grateful to her thank you Kristi blessings keep being inspirational


I first met Kristi through a mutual friend, who was introduced to her at a party where she was giving mini readings. It so happened, Kristi was looking for a safe place to see clients for hands on reiki and I had just opened a small day spa in Tulsa. It is customary for potential body workers to perform an audition treatment on the manager/ director/owner of the facility. Kristi blew me away. Her reiki skills are incredible. Her psychic/intuitive skills are the best I have experienced in Oklahoma. I would like to note that I have been seeking the advisement of reputable psychic intuitive people my whole life. My children, husband, aunts and cousins see Kristi for reiki and her intuitive reading.


Having the opportunity to connect with my father, friends and spiritual guides has truly changed my outlook on life forever. Before experiencing channeling sessions with you I was hopeless and convinced that I was fighting a losing fight. Knowing that I am not fighting alone pulled me out of a dark place and on to a much brighter path. I now know and believe that I am divinely guided and for that I cannot thank you enough!


Kristi is an incredibly gifted healer in her realm of work. She has offered many heartfelt + helpful insights for me. Her warmth + enthusiasm make for a really special Reiki experience. She has since become a friend and I would recommend her to anyone! Laura Y

Laura Y.

I have used Kristi several times for reading. And I just want to share how her amazing gift touched my heart and was so accurate. She told me that my oldest son would have a baby girl and him and his wife did,she also told me that my daughter-in-law would be pregnant again real soon with another baby girl .. And I have two beautiful grand-baby girls in my life now. A few years ago Kristi shared that I would meet somebody with the name that started with a J and the guy I was with ,was not the one. And she was so right. It was about a year that went by and I met my spiritual husband Jeff. Kristi did a reading for my sister and myself together. And all my past relative showed up, she was so accurate on who had passed including the dogs. My sister and I were so astounded and very grateful for the beautiful gift that God has put into this beautiful angel light-worker...There's so many
more, numerous, accurate readings that she has given me, but of course it would take a short novel to put them all down.
I love you Kristi and I am so thankful for you!!!

Donna D Welch

Kristi is a very dear, thorough, attentive person. When she gives you a reading, or any other service (which I have had many from her) you really feel her energy and is is always accurate. She is passionate about what she does and I always recommend her to anyone wanting these kind of services.

Mery M. Tulsa, OK

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